Discover how to use DANCE to be your
Happy, Healthy, Fully Fit, Fantastic self!

Dance Strong Programs offer

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Want A Great Workout?


Here's why I've created Dance Strong Programs and Work out DVD! Hi! I'm Patty Rose. I'm a Dance Fitness Instructor.

Yep, that's a photo of me, Dancin' wild at my 13th birthday party. (Let's not talk about how long ago that actually was.)

The important thing is that I've been dancing and moving my whole life! It is the one thing that comes naturally to me. It is the one thing that burns inside with a passion unlike any other. I call it the "Happy Factor". It is what I do! 
I dance, I move, and I find great satisfaction in my work; motiving people like you to find fitness through dance.

I'd like to introduce to you my Dance Strong!TM Programs, Membership and Workout DVD series. You can lose weight by dancing with me! With this fun fitness workout you can learn basic dance moves, lose weight and tone muscle. Most importantly we'll provide you with fun, creative ways to reach your fitness goals using dance and movement.

How Often Do You Say... "I Love To Exercise?"

 So, ...What Do You Love?

Do you have trouble finding motivation to move?
Every once and a while it takes an external force to get you up and moving. I love to motivate people to move. This is part of why I created Dance Strong Programs and Workout DVD Series. You'll find the upbeat nature and excitement will motivate you to get going and keep coming back to do more each day.

Do you love music and want to learn to dance?
Dance Strong offers a variety of music and dance moves, dance technique exercises, basic flexibility training common in dance. 

Is feeling out out shape getting you down?
I truly believe that it only takes one step! Once you find the will to move just a little, dance just for a moment, or simply take a walk, you'll be well on your way.

Are you looking for a way to spice up your current workout? Well, we can help! Click here to see our services and programs and how we may provide you the guidance and motivation you are looking for.